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Time To Car Manufacturers Go Green

The global community is now under siege of the global warming issue. To counter the huge amount of greenhouse gases being released by vehicles all over the world, car manufacturers continue to develop ways to cut down the fuel consumption of their production vehicles.

bmw-1er-power-gogreenThe American International Automobile Dealers Associations (AIADA) newsletter recently reported that German car makers are among the players in the auto industry, which have taken a keen interest in producing environment friendly cars. This may be their response to the ongoing debate on the stricter EURO6 emission standards set to be implemented in the year 2015. The steps being taken by German car makers are also a big help in the protection of the environment.

BMW has already announced that they will be teaming up with American car maker Chrysler in developing a mild hybrid transmission system for rear-wheel drive performance cars. This effort by the two car makers will further enhance the hybrid technology being used on cars today.

vw-car-go-greenAnother European car maker, which has taken steps to produce environmentally friendly vehicles is Volkswagen. The German car maker has presented their lineup of super-efficient, ultra-low emission cars under the BlueMotion line. The company has already announced this technology in 2006 in the famous VW Polo. The technology is named after the color of Volkswagens logo. Today, the BlueMotion technology is being planned to be incorporated in other Volkswagen vehicles like the Golf, Passat, and the Touran.

The Polo BlueMotion is equipped with a specially designed 1.4 litre diesel engine which has an astounding gas mileage rating of 60.3 miles per gallon. The fuel efficient Polo is also a very low emission vehicle with only 102 grams of CO2 released per kilometre. These figures beat the stats by the renowned Toyota Prius. The further enhancement of the BlueMotion technology will only help the car manufacturer produce more and more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Aside from the accomplishment of Volkswagen with the BlueMotion technology, they have also announced that they will be working with another German car manufacturer – Porsche. The two famous car maker has announced that they will be working together to produce eco-friendly cars which will be out in the market by the year 2008.

The partnership between the two forward thinking companies is hoped to bring revolutionary technologies which will help not only the companies but the entire auto industry in their battle against global warming. With Volkswagen leads the way for German car makers, it is only a matter of time before we see them as serious competition to Asian car makers who seemed to have the upper hand in the eco-friendly vehicle market all over the world.

Toyota and Honda has been leading the way when it comes to producing green cars. The Toyota Prius, the first successful electric hybrid car, is still selling in large quantities. The popularity of the Prius is well documented, aside from being the best selling hybrid car in the U.S., the owners of these cars have created a group to celebrate their concern for nature.

A website dedicated to hybrid car owners is put up with the cooperation of Toyota. Another hybrid car which has been racking up sales in the U.S. is the Honda Civic Hybrid. The Honda Civic in itself is already famous thanks to its fuel efficiency and good performance in handling and in ride comfort. But with the introduction of the hybrid version, the buyer base of the Asian brand in the U.S. quickly supported the hybrid version.

The accomplishments of Honda and Toyota are what German car makers are shooting for. With continued developments, German car makers will surely be coming up with hybrid cars as efficient and as reliable as Dodge Rancho shocks.

Toyota released the type ‘Plug-in Hybrid’

toyota-prius-prime-hybridAccording for Reuters on Wednesday, Toyota Motor Corp. unleashed a “plug-in” hybrid car based on its popular Prius model. The report said that it would test the fuel-saving vehicle on public roads, which is another first for the industry.

But the Japan-based car maker claimed that the car, which is called the Toyota Plug-in HV, was not suited for commercialization purposes because it uses low-energy nickel-metal hydride batteries rather than lithium-ion batteries, which are believed to be a better fit for rechargeable plug-in cars.

Not like earlier gasoline-electric hybrids, which run on a parallel system twinning battery power and a combustion engine, the plug-in cars are built to enable short trips powered entirely by the electric motor, through a battery that can be charged by using an electric socket at home.

A number of environmental endorsers see them as the best available technology in order to minimize gasoline consumption and global-warming greenhouse gas emissions. But engineers claim that battery technology is still not enough to store enough energy for long-distance travel.

Executive Vice President Masatami Takimoto, the person in charge of Toyota’s powertrain technology, told a news conference that it is hard to say when the plug-in hybrids could be commercialized for the reason that it would largely depend on advances in battery technology.

Scheduled to be tested also in the United States and Europe, the Toyota Plug-in HV possesses a cruising range of just 13 km or 8 miles on one charge, even with its trunk full of batteries.

toyota-prius-hybridTwo of Detroit’s Big Three – General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. – are also working on plug-in hybrids, in alliance with battery makers such as Germany’s Continental AG.

In January, GM revealed a concept version of the plug-in Chevrolet Volt that would be powered by a lithium-ion battery. Its target for production is set at 2014.

And just this month, Ford associated with No. 2 U.S. electric utility Southern California Edison for real-world testing of a fleet of up to 20 rechargeable vehicles. These automobiles are to be based on the Escape Hybrid SUV. Ford has claimed that plug-ins could enter showrooms in five to ten years from now.

Launcher of the first mass-volume gasoline-electric hybrid car in the world (the Prius), Toyota said in 1997 that it would test eight prototypes of the plug-in hybrid to collate data on real-life driving over the next three years after getting government approval on Wednesday. Each Lexus with quality Lexus axle is also a well known hybrid-er.

Many automakers such as Toyota, Nissan Motor Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp., are working with Japanese battery makers in order to develop next-generation lithium-ion batteries with reinvented storing energy capacity.

Car Battery Maintenance let Durable

I have a 2004 Ford usually give us advance warning to the battery will die because of the power sliding door did not move without electricity, so when the kids, I announced to me that the van door would not open, I immediately know what caused the problem.
It turns out I forgot to turn it off when we went to the home, and one small dome lights drain the battery overnight.

Flashing forward to the next day, and we’re loading in the van to go to church. No electric door, not even enough battery power to unlock the gearshift, so I could push the van out of the garage to get a jumpstart from a friend. Turns out I did it again: I am leaving the interior lights on, all night long. We decided to skip church and I plugged in the charger mini-jumpstart that I had received when I worked at Motor Trend, hoping that I could use it to charge the battery to get the kids to school on Monday morning.

Unfortunately, bad products still do not have enough power in it (after charging for 22 hours!) To get me started, so again, I called Accu Autocare, and once again, sent a service technician was very courteous and helping others, which (once again) my battery tested to show that it is now no better than a brick in my engine bay. Of course, I need to get the kids to school, so I asked him just to get me started and said I would then replace the battery. (The car is currently sitting in my garage, and I pray it will restart it later so I can get the battery replaced)

In that situation, because I often lent the car manufacturers to test, I did not get a minivan driven regularly, so that the battery does not get restocked usual while driving. Sometimes sit for weeks at a time, which is very hard on preserving battery life.

check-battery_in_carFrom that experience, then I conclude that the average car battery age lasted only about three to four years depending on usage. If you live in a climate, especially hot or cold, extreme temperature can cause your battery to wear out faster.
You can extend the battery life of your own by following these simple maintenance tips:
Keep it clean from crust: Clean the battery terminals on the poles of the battery every three months or so with a wire brush. This ensures there is nothing between terminals and connectors to disrupt the supply of electricity. Also, make sure the terminal is nice and tight to prevent electrical drainage which can make it difficult to start your car.

Unplug when not in use a long time: This is the biggest problem your car! Remove the wire from the negative terminal of your battery if you know the car will not be driven for two weeks or more. This will help prevent the gradual loss of power from powering hour vehicles, electrical goods and other passive. Make sure you save the connector from the battery when you close the hood.

Start up and drive occasionally: alternator will charge your battery when it is being driven, so try to start and drive for at least 20 minutes twice a week. According to e-How, “a lot of the initial cycle, coupled with the short-term will leave your battery charged under ideal specifications.”

Too many short trips without sufficient drive time will shorten the life of your battery, so make sure you start and driving your vehicle to keep the battery fully charged.

Electro Parking Sensor Technology for Cars

car-features-parking-sensorIncreasing traffic and lack of parking space has lead to serious problems for most of the vehicle drivers, especially the novices. Not just novices, it is even difficult for an experienced driver to drive properly and save his car from scrapes, scratches and expensive collisions. Under such situation, the urge for an effective and optimum solution emerges that can act as preventive solution for all such problems. But is there any such solution or remedy available?

An effective way to safeguard vehicle from most of the scrapes, bumps and expensive collisions is by making use of technology known as electromagnetic parking sensor technology. It is only possible with the help of this extraordinary technology that one can drive the vehicle with full confidence and can save good amount of money which otherwise was required to be spent on repair or maintenance.

Now-a-days more and more people are relying on car parking sensor technology. So if you also love your favorite car and wanted to give it the best protection.

The electromagnetic parking sensor offered parking dynamics is in great demand right from its inception. Unlike ultrasonic parking sensors, the No Hole in bumper electromagnetic parking sensor is simply a unique as well as revolutionary front and rear electromagnetic parking and reverse sensor technology that helps in providing the best protection to the vehicle that too without destroying the original look of the vehicle.

So if you are looking for the best car parking sensor, then option you must avail without any hesitation. If you want to know more about sensor parking dynamics, then it is best to have a quick look on some of the most important features of parking dynamics. Some of the most important features of ParkingDynamics are as under:

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5 Small Facts About Windshield Repair

windshields-crackedWindshield damage is rare in several highway. Most of us are commuting to and from work. It happens to hundreds of drivers every day, blow out of the wild stone construction vehicles, or fly out of a truck tire and the ground directly in the middle of your windshield. Here is a list of some of the lesser known facts about the damage to the windshield and repair.

1. Damage within the specified time will spread and become more dangerous. Just because it is a crack or bullseye small cracks do not affect the function of your car, does not mean it is not a safety hazard that must be addressed immediately. A broken windshield untreated like a spider in a glass, and what was once a simple fix, it will cost you hundreds of dollars. Do not wait, fix at the repair shop!

  1. Getting damage your windshield to remain cautious to not make worse the already existing. Try to avoid any glass debris into the slit interior, this is hard. So the sooner you fix it would be better. Also, avoid putting your car through drastic temperature changes. For example, you do not want to wash your car with ice cold water on a hot summer day. It’s a good way to make you crack ‘spider’ and become unfixable. Also wash the damaged area could encourage more unwanted particles into the crack where it will be difficult to clean them out.3. A common misconception about doing it yourself with a glass repair kit is that it will be a big messy job. Fortunately, this did not happen at all! The majority of this kit takes about 30 minutes. This is another strong reason why it is better to simply repair your damaged windshield rather than replace it.
  1. Although it is better to repair and then replace when the situation allows, there are moments that do it yourself kit will not be all that you need. Do not spend time and money trying to repair a gap that has spread, or larger than the recommended size in your kit. Damage in the driver direct line of site is very dangerous and can make cars that break the law to drive. Be reasonable when evaluating the damage and either way, address it as soon as possible.5. Now, the most important thing to know is the type of Windshield Repair Kit is the best to use. Regardless of the type of damage to best use the kits will always be the one that puts no pressure on the glass. Think about it, the glass is cracked, already has a weak point, if you really want to put pressure on it? Windshield repair kit numbers that apply no pressure is very easy and clean to use. Will increase resin adhesive seal on the glass surface while the vacuum will pull air out of the damaged area, allowing the resin to easily flow and fill the cracks. It’s clean, easy, fast and affordable.