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When a car emergency on the road

The most important thing to remember if this is the case, especially on the highway, is to get off the road as far as possible. Obviously you want to make sure you slow down and not hit anything, but avoid slamming stopped in the middle of your path. At this point you have a risk of being rear-ended while stationary target than someone doing highway speeds, which is likely to be even more dangerous.

tire-blowoutTire Blowout / erupts
If you have never had a tire blowout before, this experience is quite daunting. The voice was suddenly there was like a shotgun blast. It’s very hard, and very surprising. Watch a few scenes to get an idea of what it was like. Not a pleasant thing to have happen.
Stay calm now expected to come as a suggestion. However, it is also important to note here that the tire blowouts can be easily prevented. Buy a tire pressure gauge and check your tires every time you fill it with gas. You are going to stand around at the pump waiting a few minutes, so you might as well make a useful time and ensure your safe driving.
Put your emergency flashers if they are still functioning. As for restarting the car, most experts suggest trying this after you slide stop on the side of the road. When your car is shut down, the key is still in the running. To restart the car, you have to change the locks off. At that time the key was in the off position, your steering wheel will lock and you will not be able to change. If you drop a key, or have one hour in the column, you will then be in a vehicle that will not start without a steering input. Try restarting after you safe on the road.

tire-pressure-lossIf you end up in an emergency situation, the most important thing to remember is to avoid panic and follow the natural instinct- you to slam on the brakes. No sudden movements or pedal slammed. Do it gently squeeze the gas pedal (yes, you read that correctly) for a few seconds, then release and continue until you going slow enough to pull to the shoulder.

Braking right after tire explosion will likely fail to spin, especially if one of the rear tire blow out. By pressing the gas, you will not accelerate (blown tire had so many obstacles, it is impossible for you to pick up speed) but you would put enough power to rebuild traction and keep you in your lane. This desirable. Above all, do what has been suggested by everyone from this situation and remain calm. Most professional drivers perfectly capable of rational thought after it happened.

What makes the situation an emergency, and safe, the driver is the ability to remember tips like this in the middle of an emergency.