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5 Signs That Car Transmission in Problems

smart-stick-transmissionYour transmission is shifting gears in a car engine. Transmission gear the car is a mechanical system for controlling complex engine application of power from the engine to the drive shaft. When the transmission is not operating properly, it affects the rate of speed of the car you are driving. Watch for signs of transmission problems is the best way to prevent serious damage. Usually symptoms such problematic transmission slip, does not shift properly and signs of manual or automatic transmission problem fixed soon.

Here are 5 ways you can tell if your vehicle requires a transmission repair cars.

a. Transmission slipping. When your car hits a certain gear, it must stay there unless you slow down or speed up. If your transmission slip, possibly slipping in and out of gear for no reason at all. A friction or revving high pitched noise may accompany the skid. When these signs of fighting going on, it’s time to visit the repair shop as soon as possible to do the consultation and repair.

car-transmission-gearsb. Gearshift not smooth. Changing gears in your car should be smooth and seamless. If there is a transmission problem, you may hear a sound, a sound, or run into trouble when picking up speed. The longer that you leave this issue, the more damage it can do for your transmission.

c. Problems with the machines involved. When you move to “drive” your car should automatically respond. If not, there may be a problem with the transmission. If you hear the engine rev but did not move, take your vehicle to the shop to have it checked.

d. Leaking fluid oil. If you have seen a red or dark red liquid dripping from the bottom of your car, your transmission is leaking. It is not normal; in fact, the sound transmission will not leak. If this happens, do not fill the transmission fluid without it inspected by a professional mechanic.

e. The warning lights on. If the “check engine” light on your dashboard lights up, plus you pay attention to the signs above, you may experience transmission problems. By having your transmission checked by a professional mechanic, you can prevent more serious complications.

It’s important to remember to watch for signs that indicate you may need to repair transmission car in a nearby repair shop. If there is a problem with your machine, your car will tell you. The second that you begin to notice the signs above, take your car to the mechanic transmission. A professional mechanic can check and diagnose any problems that your car may have. Then they can make the necessary improvements to get your car back in working order. Doing so could save the transmission and engine of a lot more damage down the road.