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5 Legendary Cars you should know-part 1

There are thousands of different types of car production from a variety of different types produced during the last 100 years. However, only a few options in mind and never collected. And beyond that, there are some cars that have achieved legendary status, to the point where everyone who calls themselves enthusiastically aware of their existence, even if they never saw even had personally.
As a person who loves cars, 10 is that you should never turn your car keys when given the opportunity to see and have. Here are 5 of the legendary cars that you need to know.


volkswagen-beetle-type-1Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1)

As a sad face as it seems, some of the ideas of the younger generation VW Beetle were awful seeing a blue car driven by Aunt Marie in Breaking Bad. While a decent car had a reputation for not being very good, Type 1 Bug is a legendary car. It seems like everyone owned one of these, or know someone who does.
This air-cooled car, which is always reliable, “drop the machine in 20 minutes”, rear-engined, take the car oversteer vulnerable people is never forgotten. Perhaps the most amazing part of the Beetle is how long it stays relevant, remaining almost the same in some parts of the world 1938-2003! That means if a person is born in the midst of World War II, when the Beetle was first created on demand by Hitler, they may have retired at age 65 when the last model rolled off the line. Think about computer technology, or even your cell phone. Many are starting to look worn out after 5 years. Why fix what is not broken?

Ford Mustang (first generation)
ford-mustang-coupe-1967Everybody loves Mustang car brands. Seriously, go pull people at random from the streets back in the ’60s, and do the same thing now. This is one vehicle that transcends the boundaries between fans and the people who saw the vehicle as a “point A to point B” transport devices. No matter who you are, you have to appreciate the timeless design of the ‘Stang’.
American car lovers angry shouting and show that not a muscle car Mustang, though often attributed as one. It is actually a pony car, but regardless of how you want to be technical about it, we can all agree that it has a major influence on the engineering of both the American car, and how they are perceived in the world. There are very good reasons that every new generation of the Mustang is still praised to this day.