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Novice chickens are easily wiped out by the army? where is the problem?

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Novice chickens are easily wiped out by the army? where is the problem?


At present, many novices have just entered the chicken farming industry, and most of them are young people. Now the young people are under great pressure. They may not earn much from working. There are also free places in the family to raise chickens. Everyone pays attention to nutrition and health, and there are more and more people who eat local chicken. There are industry prospects, and some are cautious. However, due to lack of experience, a group was brought up, and not long after, a few thousand left a few hundred. Some people will sum up their experience, and then continue to raise the next batch, some will give up directly, feel that they ca nt make money, so they do nt raise any more.


Here are some suggestions for newcomers who are just starting to raise chickens:


1. The brooding temperature must be well controlled. The brooding environment of native chickens is mostly rudimentary, so it is easy to cause large-scale deaths, or even annihilate the whole army. To ensure the temperature is the key, at least there must be heat preservation lamps and simple warm equipment. Keep warm and keep warm well, the resistance is good, the early onset is less, the chicken resistance is high, and I have more confidence. This is critical.


2. The chicks may die individually, and the symptoms of Salmonella such as paste anal can be used normally. When a chicken dies, he is anxious and starts to seek advice everywhere. As a result, the medication is used in transition, and liver and kidney are damaged.


3. If there is a simple chicken disease, don't look around for masters, just look for one or two masters. Everyone's thinking is different. If you listen more, it will be messy. Especially for novices, I think everything is right, and the result is delayed.


Although the native chicken is highly resistant, it will still die. It is best to go to the field to learn and learn, and then do it yourself, do not worry about raising it yourself. To raise native chickens, in fact, as long as the pre-insulation is done well, and the vaccine is in place, it is rarely ill. Don't use medication indiscriminately, identify the disease, and then give medication to treat it in one go.