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5 Legendary Cars you should know-part two

This follow-up article legendary car all the time that you need to know

car-wheels-ferrari-f40Ferrari F40.
Ferrari is a company that does not mess around. They have a good reputation to keep. They constantly tried to be the best. Best lap time around the track, the best top speed in a straight line, and the best driving experience. Anything less is considered a failure, whether it is with a standard company or by the general public.
Ferrari F40 did not fail, in any way. This is a supercar that all compared to other super cars even today. While most of the performance of older cars struggling to survive in a wave of modern vehicle electronics, the F40 remains a remarkable vehicle, especially in his cage, race track. 0-60 comes in a blistering 3.8 seconds. It was also the first road legal production car ever to reach 200 miles per hour. It is, in many respects of the word, the definition of pure automotive.

bugatti-veyron-140Bugatti Veyron.
While Ferrari F40 may always reign supreme in terms of being a spiritual work, the Veyron is the product of automotive engineering is unsurpassed. It is, technically, one of the greatest achievements of the automotive world has ever seen.
For those living under a rock, the Veyron is the fastest car in the world. Super Sport is able to reach 267 miles per hour. Most of the cars were able to hit something close to 250, or even 200 mph. This is to be different from Veyron. They were loud and raw, and uncomfortable to drive for older people select few who have the money to buy it. Veyron on the other hand, is a supercar capable of fully pushed to the limit with easily visible. Watch this video to actually see the car’s engineering feats. With a speed of 267 miles per hour in the interior of the car is quiet, nice ride, climate control, and a CD player for your songs.

ford-model-t-tour-1915Ford Model T
Amazing and influential as any other vehicle in this list, some of them are so appreciative circle of car enthusiasts. Ford Model T had a break that trend. This is a car that has been made into the history books. No automotive history books, mind you, but “normal” history books, with George Washington. The American Revolution, the Civil War. Ford Model T contrary to popular belief, this is not the first car. The vehicle had been there before. None of engineering or design that went into the Model T was something completely new to the world. However, Henry Ford did something more special-by Harapa make it affordable for everyone.
Before the development of this car, most people never traveled more than 5-10 miles of where they were born. Travel reserved for the rich and famous. For everyday people, all of life consists in leaving one place. Think about where you were born. Imagine growing fully in place, fully living your adult life in that place, and one day die there.
Model T was completely destroyed this whole picture of existence. It shrinks the world. And not just for a select few, but for everyone. A Tour that will take hours now take minutes.

The whole car industry appeared, the worldwide trade has grown like never before, and it all comes back to this car. Whether or not you’re a car enthusiast, you could easily make the argument that this is one of, if not the largest, discovery ever made by man.

5 Legendary Cars you should know-part 1

There are thousands of different types of car production from a variety of different types produced during the last 100 years. However, only a few options in mind and never collected. And beyond that, there are some cars that have achieved legendary status, to the point where everyone who calls themselves enthusiastically aware of their existence, even if they never saw even had personally.
As a person who loves cars, 10 is that you should never turn your car keys when given the opportunity to see and have. Here are 5 of the legendary cars that you need to know.


volkswagen-beetle-type-1Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1)

As a sad face as it seems, some of the ideas of the younger generation VW Beetle were awful seeing a blue car driven by Aunt Marie in Breaking Bad. While a decent car had a reputation for not being very good, Type 1 Bug is a legendary car. It seems like everyone owned one of these, or know someone who does.
This air-cooled car, which is always reliable, “drop the machine in 20 minutes”, rear-engined, take the car oversteer vulnerable people is never forgotten. Perhaps the most amazing part of the Beetle is how long it stays relevant, remaining almost the same in some parts of the world 1938-2003! That means if a person is born in the midst of World War II, when the Beetle was first created on demand by Hitler, they may have retired at age 65 when the last model rolled off the line. Think about computer technology, or even your cell phone. Many are starting to look worn out after 5 years. Why fix what is not broken?

Ford Mustang (first generation)
ford-mustang-coupe-1967Everybody loves Mustang car brands. Seriously, go pull people at random from the streets back in the ’60s, and do the same thing now. This is one vehicle that transcends the boundaries between fans and the people who saw the vehicle as a “point A to point B” transport devices. No matter who you are, you have to appreciate the timeless design of the ‘Stang’.
American car lovers angry shouting and show that not a muscle car Mustang, though often attributed as one. It is actually a pony car, but regardless of how you want to be technical about it, we can all agree that it has a major influence on the engineering of both the American car, and how they are perceived in the world. There are very good reasons that every new generation of the Mustang is still praised to this day.

Time To Car Manufacturers Go Green

The global community is now under siege of the global warming issue. To counter the huge amount of greenhouse gases being released by vehicles all over the world, car manufacturers continue to develop ways to cut down the fuel consumption of their production vehicles.

bmw-1er-power-gogreenThe American International Automobile Dealers Associations (AIADA) newsletter recently reported that German car makers are among the players in the auto industry, which have taken a keen interest in producing environment friendly cars. This may be their response to the ongoing debate on the stricter EURO6 emission standards set to be implemented in the year 2015. The steps being taken by German car makers are also a big help in the protection of the environment.

BMW has already announced that they will be teaming up with American car maker Chrysler in developing a mild hybrid transmission system for rear-wheel drive performance cars. This effort by the two car makers will further enhance the hybrid technology being used on cars today.

vw-car-go-greenAnother European car maker, which has taken steps to produce environmentally friendly vehicles is Volkswagen. The German car maker has presented their lineup of super-efficient, ultra-low emission cars under the BlueMotion line. The company has already announced this technology in 2006 in the famous VW Polo. The technology is named after the color of Volkswagens logo. Today, the BlueMotion technology is being planned to be incorporated in other Volkswagen vehicles like the Golf, Passat, and the Touran.

The Polo BlueMotion is equipped with a specially designed 1.4 litre diesel engine which has an astounding gas mileage rating of 60.3 miles per gallon. The fuel efficient Polo is also a very low emission vehicle with only 102 grams of CO2 released per kilometre. These figures beat the stats by the renowned Toyota Prius. The further enhancement of the BlueMotion technology will only help the car manufacturer produce more and more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Aside from the accomplishment of Volkswagen with the BlueMotion technology, they have also announced that they will be working with another German car manufacturer – Porsche. The two famous car maker has announced that they will be working together to produce eco-friendly cars which will be out in the market by the year 2008.

The partnership between the two forward thinking companies is hoped to bring revolutionary technologies which will help not only the companies but the entire auto industry in their battle against global warming. With Volkswagen leads the way for German car makers, it is only a matter of time before we see them as serious competition to Asian car makers who seemed to have the upper hand in the eco-friendly vehicle market all over the world.

Toyota and Honda has been leading the way when it comes to producing green cars. The Toyota Prius, the first successful electric hybrid car, is still selling in large quantities. The popularity of the Prius is well documented, aside from being the best selling hybrid car in the U.S., the owners of these cars have created a group to celebrate their concern for nature.

A website dedicated to hybrid car owners is put up with the cooperation of Toyota. Another hybrid car which has been racking up sales in the U.S. is the Honda Civic Hybrid. The Honda Civic in itself is already famous thanks to its fuel efficiency and good performance in handling and in ride comfort. But with the introduction of the hybrid version, the buyer base of the Asian brand in the U.S. quickly supported the hybrid version.

The accomplishments of Honda and Toyota are what German car makers are shooting for. With continued developments, German car makers will surely be coming up with hybrid cars as efficient and as reliable as Dodge Rancho shocks.

Toyota released the type ‘Plug-in Hybrid’

toyota-prius-prime-hybridAccording for Reuters on Wednesday, Toyota Motor Corp. unleashed a “plug-in” hybrid car based on its popular Prius model. The report said that it would test the fuel-saving vehicle on public roads, which is another first for the industry.

But the Japan-based car maker claimed that the car, which is called the Toyota Plug-in HV, was not suited for commercialization purposes because it uses low-energy nickel-metal hydride batteries rather than lithium-ion batteries, which are believed to be a better fit for rechargeable plug-in cars.

Not like earlier gasoline-electric hybrids, which run on a parallel system twinning battery power and a combustion engine, the plug-in cars are built to enable short trips powered entirely by the electric motor, through a battery that can be charged by using an electric socket at home.

A number of environmental endorsers see them as the best available technology in order to minimize gasoline consumption and global-warming greenhouse gas emissions. But engineers claim that battery technology is still not enough to store enough energy for long-distance travel.

Executive Vice President Masatami Takimoto, the person in charge of Toyota’s powertrain technology, told a news conference that it is hard to say when the plug-in hybrids could be commercialized for the reason that it would largely depend on advances in battery technology.

Scheduled to be tested also in the United States and Europe, the Toyota Plug-in HV possesses a cruising range of just 13 km or 8 miles on one charge, even with its trunk full of batteries.

toyota-prius-hybridTwo of Detroit’s Big Three – General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. – are also working on plug-in hybrids, in alliance with battery makers such as Germany’s Continental AG.

In January, GM revealed a concept version of the plug-in Chevrolet Volt that would be powered by a lithium-ion battery. Its target for production is set at 2014.

And just this month, Ford associated with No. 2 U.S. electric utility Southern California Edison for real-world testing of a fleet of up to 20 rechargeable vehicles. These automobiles are to be based on the Escape Hybrid SUV. Ford has claimed that plug-ins could enter showrooms in five to ten years from now.

Launcher of the first mass-volume gasoline-electric hybrid car in the world (the Prius), Toyota said in 1997 that it would test eight prototypes of the plug-in hybrid to collate data on real-life driving over the next three years after getting government approval on Wednesday. Each Lexus with quality Lexus axle is also a well known hybrid-er.

Many automakers such as Toyota, Nissan Motor Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp., are working with Japanese battery makers in order to develop next-generation lithium-ion batteries with reinvented storing energy capacity.

What’s new in New Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3

Before the launch of the Chevrolet Beat and Chevrolet Spark, has now received an upgrade second are Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) Chevrolet Tavera type, which is also the biggest selling products. The vehicle will be called the New Chevrolet Tavera Neo3 and will be available in Stage III and Stage IV compliant version. Of which, BS III version is out while BS IV will be launched in major cities in the country. The facelift will be the same in both variants New Chevrolet MUV. There are some modifications were made to make the appearance look different from the existing Tavera and the company has effectively done the same thing in interior, exterior and engine compartment. Now, let’s take a glance at what is offered in the Chevrolet Tavera Neo3.

tavera-new-3The Chevrolet Tavera engine uses 2.5 L Diesel The New Tavera BS III vehicles packed with Turbo diesel engine 2.5 litre 4-cylinder that churns out decent 80 PS at 3900 rpm. Which type 2.0 L Diesel: newly developed smaller diesel engine in the form of The TCDi 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, will look under the hood soon be launched Tavera BS IV variant. Which has the ability to generate more power at lower emissions.

The first thing you will observe is a rectangular shaped new headlight clearer and larger are slightly curved from one side. This improves vision in the dark and bestows an interesting look into the New MUV. New Chevrolet Bowtie: Chevrolet that holds the confidence of many buyers are now bigger and looks better than ever. It is smartly placed between the front grille and split-ed in the rear tail-gate New MUV. Exclusive dual tone color combo with New Tavera Neo 3 will be seen for the first time in the MUV segment and will definitely give a unique identity to the Tavera.

Regardless of the new headlamps second best thing that will catch your eye is the chrome finish. There are lots of chrome on the edge of the front grille and rectangular lamps along with fog lights. Overall, the work of lighted chrome front New Chevrolet Tavera even in daylight. Circular fog lamps and clear with chrome limit ensures a clear view of things to come in front of the vehicle in weather conditions.

Alloy Wheels The face-lift can not be solved without the incorporation of a new 10-spoke alloy wheels for the first time in the vehicle. They really give you attitude and strong with fresh Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3.

Belts are a safety element is not ignored in this MUV and no seat belts are provided for all front seat occupants facing New Chevy Tavera.