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Electro Parking Sensor Technology for Cars

car-features-parking-sensorIncreasing traffic and lack of parking space has lead to serious problems for most of the vehicle drivers, especially the novices. Not just novices, it is even difficult for an experienced driver to drive properly and save his car from scrapes, scratches and expensive collisions. Under such situation, the urge for an effective and optimum solution emerges that can act as preventive solution for all such problems. But is there any such solution or remedy available?

An effective way to safeguard vehicle from most of the scrapes, bumps and expensive collisions is by making use of technology known as electromagnetic parking sensor technology. It is only possible with the help of this extraordinary technology that one can drive the vehicle with full confidence and can save good amount of money which otherwise was required to be spent on repair or maintenance.

Now-a-days more and more people are relying on car parking sensor technology. So if you also love your favorite car and wanted to give it the best protection.

The electromagnetic parking sensor offered parking dynamics is in great demand right from its inception. Unlike ultrasonic parking sensors, the No Hole in bumper electromagnetic parking sensor is simply a unique as well as revolutionary front and rear electromagnetic parking and reverse sensor technology that helps in providing the best protection to the vehicle that too without destroying the original look of the vehicle.

So if you are looking for the best car parking sensor, then option you must avail without any hesitation. If you want to know more about sensor parking dynamics, then it is best to have a quick look on some of the most important features of parking dynamics. Some of the most important features of ParkingDynamics are as under:

1. Goodwill: The first and the most important feature of  that is known for its goodwill. Since its inception, it is known to offer only the quality products without any issues pertaining to quality.

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VMT Technologies Released Transmission For SUV

After research and development, VMT Technologies has released a new green transmission for hybrid SUVs, MPV, and heavy trucks plus electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

VMT Technologies says new Universal Transmission saves 30 percent in fuel costs over standard transmission and will also outperform CVT transmissions as well. According to the company, the Universal Transmission is the first and only to function as a positive move, infinitely variable transmission with a neutral involved. In addition, eliminating the need for a clutch or torque converter.
Now, because electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, are considered the future of the automotive industry is run on the electric motor and no transmission, VMT Technologies intends to compete in this sector as well.

There are two technologies around hydrogen. One of the so-called hydrogen converter that uses a DC voltage to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. These gases are used as fuel in internal combustion engines and many other energy applications.

Other so-called hydrogen technology; hydrogen fuel cells. It uses hydrogen gas to produce electrons. Batteries also produce electrons. The use of the electron is described basically in two ways. A force for electron volts and amps how many electrons pass through a certain point. When compared to electric water pressure volts and amps will be flowing.

Such as hydrogen cells, batteries produce electrons for use instead of gasoline or diesel. Electrons from the plug-in power supply should be stored and then withdrawn as needed acceleration. Just as the water in the tank there are only so many electrons are available to take with you.

One battery will provide enough voltage and amps to move the midsize car, just not too much. The further you want to go further electron storage (batteries) that you need to take with you. A good analogy would be; the battery is the same as a gallon of gas. Sacrifice is; The installation cost (for batteries or hydrogen tanks), weight and range. Everyone wants a low cost and weight and distance traveled.

A stationary objects tend to remain stationary and moving objects tend to stay in motion. The fact is, it takes more energy to get things moving than it does to keep it moving. Similarly, it takes more electrons (amps) for the electric motor to accelerate the car than it does to keep it going. Amps (amount of electrons) melt it, explode it and kill people. To control this, the controller is required.The controller in the hybrid or the electric car has to manage the amps when a lot of them are needed. Therefore it has to be very robust to keep from melting and that becomes expensive.

VMT is advocating that it would be better to conserve the precious electron energy by using the mechanical advantage of VMTs IVT, especially when the transmission costs less than the controller. Another benefit comes from not needing as many amps; you dont need as many volts. A lower voltage battery is safer and less expensive.

So, the question comes: do you need both a controller and a transmission – no. As noted battery expert John Wyall notes, As far as the difference between using a controller and using and IVT is concerned, the IVT is cheaper and safer than the controller. The IVT allows you to use fewer cells, thus making the battery a manageable system, and with lower voltage, a safer system. The controller-electric motor and gear box system has about the same overall efficiency as a controller-less electric drive with an IVT.

Hybrid Gas Electric Vehicles

plug-in-car-hybridA hybrid-electric vehicle, combines an electrical energy storage system with an occupied means of generating electrical energy, usually through the consumption of some type of fuel. Each type of HEV has its own operating quality and chosen design practices, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

The development of interior ignition engine vehicles, especially in automobiles, is one of the supreme achievements of modern technology as a new rising energy saving and environment -friendly vehicle, thats why the hybrid-electric vehicles were created to give convenience to every human.

In the process of creating the hybrid electric car, the most important is the energy saving and the environmental protection. Wherein nowadays this are the common problems faced by the society.

Having the hybrid-electric car evolved from the electric car. However, the main disadvantage of the electric car is that it is mainly dependent on the batteries. Therefore, has limited range. First of all, the hybrid electric car was supposed to be an electric vehicle with batteries for power storage and is also equipped with an on-board heat engine-powered generator. This means that this type of hybrid has an extended range.

hybrid-air-conceptThe heat engine power and the battery power are specifically intended as an important scheme that constantly modulates the excess between the heat engine and the battery power systems. This will also depend on the driving schedule.

Since the beginning of the use of automobiles, electric cars have been already recognized and conceptualized. Even though the electric power train is better in various aspects, as an energy source, the battery was unequal to the superior-energy content, easiness in terms of the handling, and inexpensive and profuse supplies of motor fuel.

Now, it has almost been a century since the electric car has been popularly discussed, but recent developments in the HEV technology and the growing concerns for the environment has revived the drive for an HEV and this has become a realization today.

We can consider the personal means of transportation as a very important bond in the economic chain of todays modern societies and that a private vehicle appears to be the popular choice.

Electric vehicles are more energy efficient than the contemporary vehicles wherein the electric vehicles operates at approximately 46 percent of effectiveness, while a contemporary vehicle operates at about 18 percent only.

There are studies that generally concludes that electric cars with batteries are approximately 10 to 30 percent more efficient with energy than the usual gasoline cars, depending on the exact assumptions of the vehicles energy usage and energy chain efficiency.

Certainly, the comparisons of the electric vehicles and the conventional vehicles are comparisons between an extremely developed power system that is nearly in the end of its research and development, and the innovative power system in the beginning stages of the development wherein important development can be expected as the new technology evolves.

Furthermore, the advantages of electric powered modes of transportation extends beyond the true outlook of economizing energy. Electric generation plants can use substitute fuels that are not adaptable to portable power systems.

Electric vehicles are the definitive alternative fuel vehicles because their power is taken from the source fuels utilized to produce electricity. Aside from that, the flexibility of the fuel alone can offer important useful and economic advantages especially in relation to a variety of energy resources.


The electric car is truly a promising technology that could transform one’s means of transportation into a far more environmentally type of commodity. Through this innovation emission controls become more important, effective and economically beneficial.