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When Buying Damaged Car Auction

You are a buyer who really care about the budget when looking for a car and getting a brand new or even a quality second-hand is not your thing, then you can go for a damaged car auction.
Damaged cars that may be the cheapest car from out there in the market today. A new car basically loses a little less than a quarter of its value the first time he was thrown out on the street after the purchase, a damaged car has lost most of the market or the value after years of torture or after a certain unfortunate incident. However, the value is relative to the things done to the damaged car. Value can be restored eventually.

Damaged cars to be seen on the level of the “potential” of their recoverable value. Of course, nothing is ever re-buy a damaged car if he does not intend to make it better for some future purpose. The auction is a great way to get in the car is damaged. This incident was followed on by different individuals who have different intentions.

There are some intend to reconstruct the cars to use as transportation. Some intend to learn how to make repairs and modifications and so they use these cars as experiments. But whatever the motivation, damaged cars are still popular. There are a few things you need to know about damaged car auctions? Here are some basic things that people who are participating in damaged car auctions should take into mind:

1) Know why you want to have a damaged car
It’s all a matter of interest. People go to a regular car auction to be able to find great quality cars at great bargains. In a damaged car auction, people are not going to find a good quality cars but they look for potentially restorable cars. If you buy a car that is damaged to recover and use it as a mode of transportation in the future, you should think good.

2) Know the costs to be incurred
Get the list of damaged cars that are being auctioned. From the list, select the model that you’ll want to get. Do a little research and find out more information about the model said, especially with regard to the current market price. Set the price you are willing to pay for a damaged car can be a little tricky, so our advice is that you create a table, or matrix where you put in different conditions and different prices that go along with such conditions. For example, “damaged hood” and “Damaged tail lights” should given values and these should be reduced to the price you are willing to pay for the car.

3) Compare your prices
The main point in getting a damaged car is to get a restorable car, all costs to obtain cars and the cost of restoring the conditions to be tolerated. If you are better off getting a quality second-hand vehicle than getting a damaged car and restore it. Note that some parts for damaged cars can be hard to find. Also, there are some conditions that can not simply be repaired because spare parts are difficult obstacles.

4) a thorough examination is a must
Before bidding for a certain car of your choice, make sure that you check the vehicle thoroughly. Up to the beginning and start looking for the car and examined it. Buyers should especially be wary about flood damaged cars. Buy flood damaged cars can be bad in the later stages because some of the damage that floods cause the car can not easily visible and permanent.

5) Secure all documents
Do not forget to secure all documents if you succeed in buying a damaged car auction. A damaged car is still cars and letters must be intact for future purposes.

Buying a damaged car auction connotes negative thoughts and impressions, however, it’s all about the mindset. One must look at them in terms of their potential and how this potential can be actualized. Buying a car has never been easier to have, but with the right mindset and the right strategy, one can make diamonds out of dirt through restoring damaged cars.

The common trouble of car wheel bearings

Knowing the signs of the cause of wheel bearing hub will damage their grinding noise when driving.

check wheel bearingsFriction is generated traction any moving mechanical parts of the vehicle. Various mechanisms designed to combat friction, including lubrication and the use of continuous friction reducing vehicle components such as wheel bearings.

A bearing is placed on the axle of the wheel hub car, to reduce metal-to-metal surface contact friction and let the wheels spin freely. This is an important component of the car’s suspension. Although the bearings are lubricated, they eventually wear out over time. Wearing out can be accelerated by dirt and other contaminants into the assembly.

Although the wheel bearings have a seal cover, the water still get into the bearings and can cause rust, as well as causing contaminate the lubricating oil. The wheel also handle the weight of the vehicle along with friction tires. Although, bearing usually built to last for more than 150,000 miles, friction does not take its toll eventually and wears them out. The problem with the bearings are mostly due to wear or seal the leak.

Knowing the symptoms.
Diagnose car problems requires an eye for small detail and an ear for sound abnormal. You do not need to be a car to see the symptoms of car trouble. To diagnose the problem, you should know the symptoms that indicate bad bearing. Here is a list of the main symptoms.

Grinding noise.
Friction always produces noise and heat while slowly pressing down on the move. Symptoms of worn wheel bearings are noise, vibration. or roar. which can be heard around the wheels when moving. The volume and intensity of this noise is generally proportional to the speed of the vehicle and does not change much while slowing down.

During the turn, the noise can get louder or even disappear. This is a signal that you need to pay attention to the condition of bearings and get them replaced as soon as possible. If the problem is ignored long, they may rupture suddenly and the wheels may be dislodged, causing a major accident! In fact, it could happen only in very extreme cases the wheel bearing wear, it is important that you pay attention to it as soon as possible.

Rotation of the wheel.
Another important symptom is the distance play or looseness of the wheel. As the pads wear out, they lose their shape and let the wheel hub and spindle to go loose. This misalignment hub, eventually causing the wheels to go loose. To check rotation of the wheel, just raise your vehicle on a jack and pull or push the tire. Excessive rotation of the wheel rocking indicates that the pads have worn to a great extent and need immediate replacement.

Eligibility Test on Car Air Filter

Car Air FilterThe air filter on your car is meant to remove dirt, dust, and debris from the engine air needed for mixing and burning fuel. Without this device, mass air flow sensor will not quickly be contaminated, causing damage. Unfiltered air would then go on to contaminate the combustion chamber that will quickly lead to prematurely break down of your car engine. While many might think replacing the air filter on a regular basis is not necessary, some of the money spent on them actually can save you a bundle in the long run.
Ingredients you will need
1. Replacement Filter
2. The tool kit (screwdriver and key ring)
3. Flashlight if necessary
4. Spray air


Instructions For Gas Engines

1. Open and lift the hood. Open house air filter your vehicle. You may find that some could be held behind closed doors with a small tab that you can pop open by hand, while others are held in place with the help of screws or small bolts. Depending on the type you have that, you may need to use some hand tools to access and replace the filter.

2. Remove the filter and position the flashlight on the opposite side of the filter media (paper area) of the line of sight.

3. Turn on the flashlight and observing the light. If you can clearly see the break of a ray of light through the filter medium from the flashlight, so he still has some life left in it. If light is very dim and dark, you can consider the replacement now or sometime fairly soon. But if the light does not shine through at all, you have to clean the dirt instantly filter.

Instructions cleaning air filters for Diesel Engines

  1. Lift the hood and take home the air filter of the vehicle, with the aid of hand tools. Most home air diesel-filter fitted with fasteners responsibility to hold them in place at both ends of the assembly, as well as bands that hold them in place the tube into the air intake at both ends. It fasteners and band will need to be taken before you can be able to lift the air filter housing of the engine as well.

    2. Open the housing and take out the air-filter. Because diesel engines by their nature attract nearly 10 times that of air which requires gasoline engine, the filter is designed to be much larger and has the capacity to accommodate more dirt, dust and debris than gasoline engines.

    3. Now, drop the wind to filter diesel spray from a height of about one foot in the air. In the event of dirt or dust out of it and leave any accumulated in any soil, change the filter.

Practice alone clean the air filter with compressed air blow through it, record it on a hard surface so that it can paralyze the dirt or other means of cleaning more than a stop gap while. If you actually succeed in removing any dust or dirt with a number of these methods, it is more of an indication that the filter should be changed as soon as possible.

5 Tips to Increase the Value of your Vehicle

1. Notice when the last oil change?
The important thing to do to your car is to change the oil regularly. Engine oil you use in your vehicle is used to lubricate many components to prevent engine sounds rough. Oil also prevents a lot of things such as rust and build a crust. A manufacturer of oil using a combination of chemicals that help cleanse your oil from gunk and crust. While the engine coolant is used primarily to keep your motor cool, oil in your engine also keeps the motor clean.

check-oil-car-maintanceSo remember the last time you change the engine oil? Whether you do it yourself, visit the store lubricant, or go to your local dealer. There is much debate on whether or not you should change the oil every 3,000 miles, if you run a normal mixture. With the advancement of technology, you do not need to change them as often “professional” think you should. If you use a synthetic super lasted about 6,000 miles, I would recommend every 7500-8500 miles.

2. Clean the dirt in the air filter
Second, replace your filter is a simple and easy way to prevent your vehicle from costly repairs. Air is an important aspect when keeping the vehicle running and has a perfect combustion. Air filters are used to prevent particles or foreign material to get into your vehicle’s engine.

Fixing the air filter is rather inexpensive and easy enough to do in his own garage. To replace you just open the lid, remove and replace. Or has a washable filter. You simply remove the filter, wash / oil and replace. Depending on how much and where you drive, you’ll want to change your filters every 30,000-50,000. If you always drive on dusty roads and gravel, you’ll need to change it again.

3. Observe the your tires
Often, your tires are rarely used the tire pressure becomes too low. If it becomes really cold can cause problems and need to be replenished. If after a few days you see that light back on your tires may have a tire problem. I advise you to visit the tires or an auto repair shop local to fix the problem. Most of the time you got the tire bead in a warning or fluctuate causing a small leak. If you bring it to their local store to find the problem and use some sealant bead to fix the problem.

check-light-engine  4. Is the check engine light on.
The check engine light is used to inform the driver if the vehicle experienced problems machine mechanism. With advances in technology, a check engine light can be triggered by problems large and small. The average person can rarely do. The best thing to do is visit the store / local repair shop that has a scanning device. The scan tool connected to your vehicle and diagnoses what could be wrong with the vehicle. A set of code will appear telling the technician what is wrong with your vehicle. It can depend on the code, but sometimes it means nothing and code cleaned, turn off the check engine light.

5. Getting a crack in windscreen bigger.
By far the most risky thing is a crack in the windshield. It creates an annoyance when you are driving your vehicle. These small cracks can spread like cancer. One minute they were the size of small pebbles, the next thing you know, you hit a bump and crack grows 4 inches.
If you find yourself with quite a small crack you often can visit the local grocery store and pick up a tool kit that instructs you to fix the problem. They use similar to the adhesive glue that fills the gap and bring it back to normal window view. If you’ve found a gap too late, you can make an appointment to replace your glass, but it was pricy.


Classic Car Insurance – Is your car is covered ?

musle-carIs your car a classic, car muscle or retro? HM Revenue & Customs considers it to be if it is worth more than £ 15,000 and was built at least 25 years ago. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not all use the same qualifications so you should always check their requirements before applying. This is very important as classic car insurance that often attract a lower premium than a cover for the vehicle later. It is reasonable to use a price comparison site as premiums vary.

When choosing insurance for your classic car do keep in mind that the terms cover the same extent as for new vehicles. To start, do not attract the classic car insurance no-claims bonus.
In order to ensure that your car is covered for true value it deserves a valuation report from an independent expert specialist. The actual value of the vehicle can then be agreed with the insurance company at the beginning of the policy. Do have valuations are updated every year. Ancient or classic models actually appreciate in value as they age, and the insurance policy you should follow.

Your insurance policy should cover the replacement parts that may be needed in the event of an accident. If the parts for your car is very difficult to get or tend to be very expensive, always check that you are fully covered.
Insurers do not expect a classic car policy to cover up as much distance as a family on and will close the annual mileage you around 7.500km. If you tend to do more than this, notify your insurance company and be prepared to pay a slightly higher premium. On the other hand, if you make less than the maximum mileage, insurance company, you may be able to negotiate lower premiums.
If you enjoy showing your car at meetings and other events, the classic insurance will generally cover this, but if you plan to rent a vehicle for a wedding and the like, you’ll need an extended cover.

Classic or antique car is generally recognized or community-owned club. If you decide to join one of these clubs, not only will you be able to get together with like-minded fans, but you should also be able to qualify for a discount on your insurance premium sound from any of up to 15% which is well worth having.
In the event that your vehicle be temporarily out of the way ‘in the dock’, you can take out fire insurance, theft or damage to the car garaged reserved. Remember that sustained Insurance Enforcement rule dictate that you notify the DVLA in a situation like this.
As modern vehicle will lower your premium if your classic car is stored in a secure garage and you have it equipped with an approved alarm, immobilizer or tracking device.

6 Notes For Buying A New Car Negotiation.

buying-a-new-car-negotiationWhen you are in a car dealership and after talking with the seller about buying a car, you are met with the question then becomes, is that the low sales reps can go, or they say this to scare you?
The truth is the lowest price on the car you want to buy can be cheaper than you think if you were able to hone negotiation skills. In an effort to help get the fairest price for your car, here are tips for buying a new car that you should always keep in mind before heading to the dealership.

  1. Ask the salesperson what Lowest Price. It’s one of the tips to buy a car the most important that you should never forget. Start by knowing of the seller is willing to let the price of the car. Prices will let you know which direction your negotiation will take. At this stage, you will be surprised to know that the price of the car you want to buy on top of what you anticipated. You will also compare the cost with another price you get from other dealers even as you prepare to negotiate.
  2. Do not Talk About Payment. Most car buyers began to talk about how they will pay for the car even before negotiating prices and in doing so they make themselves vulnerable. When you start talking about the payment, it is almost impossible to settle on the final price based payments. This in turn means that you may end up paying a higher price for the car than you would have if you did not talk about payment.
  1. Action Walk Away. The fact that you walk into the dealership does not mean that you have to take a final price that the seller gives you. You have to pay for what you feel is the lowest price for the car you want to buy. Walking away is one of the most powerful tips on buying a new car that will get you what you what you want. It is important to mention that you do not need to be rude if you do not reach an agreement with the dealer. Walk away politely and tell the dealer to contact you if they change their minds. Move to the next dealer until you get the price you are looking to match the appropriate bags.
  2. Be patient . You will not get the price you are looking for within minutes of walking into the dealership. It may take time to think before you agree on the price, so you need patience. No need to hurry. First-time buyers are looking for tips on buying a car should know that control emotions is not part of the negotiation process. You need to understand that the seller’s initial goal is to make as many commissions as possible, but if you stick to their guns can eventually give up.

    5. Stay on Top of It. Move with tips to save money on a new car, and you should know that the salesperson is trained to maintain control. While there is not much you can do about it, you need to go with the flow and follow all the sharp things. Be as friendly as you can and stay calm. However, you need to know that you have absolute control over how the negotiation ends. You can decide to buy or simply walk out of the dealership.

  1. Set your price or lowest minimum. After doing research on a comprehensive comparison of the average price of your new car, you need to set your minimum price. When buying a car you are one of the tips to buy a new car that is most important to remember is the need to have a minimum price that the salesperson must meet. You can determine the cost to establish how much the dealer to buy the vehicle, so you know how much he makes. That way you will be sure that in the long term, the seller may agree to your price if they are serious about selling the vehicle.

Buying a new car is not one of the easiest tasks out there, not with so many dealerships all competing for customers. However, if you know a few tips for buying a new car, you’ll get your new car below the average market price if you know how to negotiate. With tips on buying a new car, you are now one step closer to saving money on your new car.

Steps to Selling a New Car

used-car-sales-dealerHere is an expert walk through the seller what to do, and how you should handle it.
I spent years in both New and Pre-Owned sales. Throughout my career, one thing that has always stressed … “Steps to Sell it.”
The Steps, as is taught that should be considered as one of the actions that can not be done in pieces), is a tried and true method used for decades throughout the industry to give control of the sales force, and to help guide the buyer through the process quickly, maximizing profit, and generate future business. Most dealers have been laminated, business card-size handouts that people need to keep their sales at any time. I was given a “spiffs” (little bonus on-the-spot) 15 or 16 times as men’s floor just to keep the card in my wallet. The following steps are a reliable way to be successful in the industry, and most of the new employees who try it, just do not follow the Steps.

The worst of salespeople are buyers who are highly educated, but there are many places to find quality ratings for the vehicle and a good price. This article will do something that is not easy to find. This would explain why the public version of their work to the dealer, and how you can successfully navigate steps, and use it to your advantage.
Noting what he said up there. They are common phrases that coaches will tell new employees at the dealership. After you finish reading the article, back playing again, and note the subtle way he had inserted a few helpful hints to his step.

Step 1 – Meet & Greet.
Meet and greet is the first thing that happens when a visitor, and the driver out of the car. This is when you feel bombarded by people already set up with a big fake smile, and they say something like this.

Step 2 – Initial Discussion
Initial discussions is when you sit in the middle of the showroom, among all models of the showroom, and discuss everything that general name, address and telephone number, to trade you, how many children you have, the model you want, favorite sports your team, your desired payment monthly, the weather, your down payment, your commitment to buy, not today, not tonight, but now. You may feel like I did not group the topic well, but that is exactly how people trained sales will lead the conversation.

Step 3 – Selection and Demonstration
In step 3, Wishing to be the same model as you want, but the trim level or two down from what you say you want. When you show that it’s not what you asked, he would say something like:
“Well, based on your financial giving me, this is a car that we have the best chance to create jobs. Now, if you do not mind paying a bit more, we can see that the EX-L V6 that you mentioned, whichever way you want to go? ”

After discussion, the seller must take you off the lot, and explaining all the features are fun, why it is a good feature, and the benefits of having such a feature. They are referred to as the Beatles; Features, Advantages, Benefits. Then, he will pull some vacant land nearby, do a walk around the car with you.

Step 4 – Trade Talks
Whoever wins the trade talks to win the whole company. It could be one of the easiest ways for you to lose money, and hopefully you’ll have to do some research before you go, and you can know what to expect. What will happen is this. Your sellers will now step down, and go over some information on your trade. The roles are reversed from the demo on the new car. He will ask questions about what is wrong, it is your duty to tell him what a great.

After he got some basic information from you, he will ask you to go out and see it. He will do what is called a silent walk-around. He will perform a slow circle around the car touching your strokes, putting his fingers in the tire tread, honking horns, and some other things. He was not a trade assessor. What he is doing, hoping to devalue your trade, and he was secretly trying to get you to spout something like “Oh, I hope you do not see how old their tires.” He hopes you will recognize deficiencies in your trading so that when they tried to low-ball the offer, then he can refer to what has been recognized is wrong with the car.