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What’s new in New Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3

Before the launch of the Chevrolet Beat and Chevrolet Spark, has now received an upgrade second are Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) Chevrolet Tavera type, which is also the biggest selling products. The vehicle will be called the New Chevrolet Tavera Neo3 and will be available in Stage III and Stage IV compliant version. Of which, BS III version is out while BS IV will be launched in major cities in the country. The facelift will be the same in both variants New Chevrolet MUV. There are some modifications were made to make the appearance look different from the existing Tavera and the company has effectively done the same thing in interior, exterior and engine compartment. Now, let’s take a glance at what is offered in the Chevrolet Tavera Neo3.

tavera-new-3The Chevrolet Tavera engine uses 2.5 L Diesel The New Tavera BS III vehicles packed with Turbo diesel engine 2.5 litre 4-cylinder that churns out decent 80 PS at 3900 rpm. Which type 2.0 L Diesel: newly developed smaller diesel engine in the form of The TCDi 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, will look under the hood soon be launched Tavera BS IV variant. Which has the ability to generate more power at lower emissions.

The first thing you will observe is a rectangular shaped new headlight clearer and larger are slightly curved from one side. This improves vision in the dark and bestows an interesting look into the New MUV. New Chevrolet Bowtie: Chevrolet that holds the confidence of many buyers are now bigger and looks better than ever. It is smartly placed between the front grille and split-ed in the rear tail-gate New MUV. Exclusive dual tone color combo with New Tavera Neo 3 will be seen for the first time in the MUV segment and will definitely give a unique identity to the Tavera.

Regardless of the new headlamps second best thing that will catch your eye is the chrome finish. There are lots of chrome on the edge of the front grille and rectangular lamps along with fog lights. Overall, the work of lighted chrome front New Chevrolet Tavera even in daylight. Circular fog lamps and clear with chrome limit ensures a clear view of things to come in front of the vehicle in weather conditions.

Alloy Wheels The face-lift can not be solved without the incorporation of a new 10-spoke alloy wheels for the first time in the vehicle. They really give you attitude and strong with fresh Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3.

Belts are a safety element is not ignored in this MUV and no seat belts are provided for all front seat occupants facing New Chevy Tavera.